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Andriana Seecker is a german dancer, choreographer and scenographer who in her own works often take inspiration from very human struggles in life that we all can relate to in one way or another. This can be love, death, grief, childhood, dreams, pain etc. In her works, she tries to find a movement language and images that enable her to get into a silent communication with audience. She wishes to open up a space where people can feel invited to go on their own inner journey in a safe environment which makes it possible to meet ones own vulnerability, sensuality, fear, struggles and hope. Her works have been shown at highly regarded institutions around Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and the rest of Europe. Her works have won several acclaimed awards and she has been a long-term collaborator of the Swedish Theatre Collective Institutet and award-winning director Markus Öhrn.


The One and the Many - Björn Gunnarson, Malmö

(…) A very heavy theory superstructure has often surrounded Institutets earlier theatre pieces. The One and the Many is no exception. This is how it says in the annunciation: The One and the Many develops a „neo-romantic erotics, which are using processes of marginalization and stigmatization as potential for a re- enchantment of the own position.“
This re-enchantment is relatively easy achieved by a well-placed smoke machine, a very tactile sound harmony, and an extremely obscure light design.


But it’s not these effects that make this piece outstanding !


The continuation of the quote speaks about longing, the wholeness and the relation between poetics and politics.

This wholeness, it got me completely. It is the same chant in the space, the light design, the music, the movements, the geometrical neon installations in the roof, in the text, in the singing, actually it’s so complete that most more renowned choreographers would gain a lot in learning from this. (…)

Flowers, Feathers, Fishes and Snow - Copenhagen Teater Far302:

“..An exquisite hybrid between satire, music, dance and fashion..” ( OUT & ABOUT 2016

* ***STARS

Under - Sirius Theatre Helsinki:

“…Carlsson`s and Seeckers staging of Under is close to a complete show, especially the visual and choreographical concept is performed with impressive efficiency. For those who are interested in alternative theatre, this is a performance you have to see..”


It`s never too late - Ballhaus Ost Berlin:

Andriana Seecker and Andreas Catjar gave Ballhaus Ost a dance evening full of touching moments. – JAMAL TUSCHICK

„...Andreas Catjar does not miss the role of the genius Other. He halved in half, where Seecker skillfully doubled. He stuttered grandly and was dramatically ineffective...“


„...His play illustrates a word from Schopenhauer, which all suffering depends on the circumstance that we live by memory and foresight. Whoever strips this off, dances like Jackie Sparrow (Andriana Seecker)...“

Love is Enough. Part#1 - The Core of Love

„...I can not get tired of looking at her. It strikes me that I have not

experienced dance that way before. Comes to mind Pina Bausch ́ "Le Sacre

du Printemps", which takes place in an earthen grave, where earth, dance

and movements become one. In the same way, there is also something

about the sand, the carelessness that is interrupted by lightning-fast rhythmic

movements that come and go. LOVE IS ENOUGH (part 1) is not a

traditional dance performance, because it is limited how much is danced,

and yet it is danced all the time. It is at least a tale where the graceful and

grotesque constantly meet and separate. It is a narrative that brings me

back to what we say when we say nothing. What exactly are we saying

when we do that?..“ Michael Svennevig


Tel: +49 177 3066482


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