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»Music for me is: a possibility of abstraction and passion. I have always been very fascinated by dance, because it’s the art-form closest to music for me. If I was no musician, I would be a dancer.« (Andreas Catjar)

A dancer and a composer switch professions. It’s never too late.
Two swans. »Trans Europa Express« by Kraftwerk in an abandoned disco. The ghost of Julia (having a pas de deux) without Romeo under a sky of golden flitter and dust. Once in a lifetime. Don’t care about history. Just dream. Like if it was possible. Dance without shame.
Andriana Seecker (dancer and choreographer) and Andreas Catjar (musician and composer), have a long history and a background together as members of the swedish theatre group Institutet. They have created a dance-performance that deals with fear, childhood, dreams, ghosts and leaving safe territory.

Performance, choreography, music, stage and costume design Andreas Catjar, Andriana Seecker Dramaturgy Jeannine Simon Artistic consultants Anders Carlsson, Jeannine Simon Guestcomposer Daniel Myer Light design, technic Daniel Goody Production management Anna Mia Brolund, Anders Carlsson Graphic design Elise Catjar

A Institutet production in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Swedish Arts Council | Kulturrådet. With the friendly support of TeaK-Theatre Academy Helsinki and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.

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