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In The One and the Many movement, language and music are interwoven into a crippled, beautiful gesture of longing. Encircling The One and The Many, The One and The Other, and the founding of neo-romantic eroticism, in which the longing for entireness is transforming into a discourse about a new relation between politics and poetics. A craving traveller’s song. A melancholic twilight zone. In the depth of our memory. Standstill impossible. We’ll remain foreign to each other – and if we are not yet strangers, we will be.

Choreography, direction, coordination, dramaturgy, music, performance, stage, costumes Andreas Catjar, Andriana Seecker, Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs, Rasmus Slätis Idea, artistic advisory Anders Carlsson Theoretical advisory Kent Sjöström Light and sound design Jon Gyr, Michael Eigenmann Graphic design Barbara Galizia, Vera Mattmann Production management Kristian Anshelm

A Institutet production, produced in the framework of the cultural program »Sehnsucht« of Albert-Koechlin-Stiftung, in co-production with Südpol Luzern, in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the Swedish Arts Council and Kanton Luzern.

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