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OMSORG is created in close collaboration with Institutet (SE). This is the second time that Teater FÅR302 is part of an artistic collaboration with the internationally recognized group. In spring  2016, the highly acclaimed and visually strong FLOWERS, FEATHERS, FISHES & SNOW were produced. The Copenhagen newspaper Politiken gave this work 5 hearts and wrote: “Do they drive with us? With the theater? With the art? Is it yet another provocative play from Sweden's enfant terrible Anders Carlsson and Institutet? Definitely! It is brave and courage is a rare bird in the Danish performing arts right now. "

Medverkande: Morten Klode, Andriana Seecker, Peder Holm Johansen, Charlotte E. Munksgaard och Birgitte Prins
Regi: Johannes Maria Schmit (DE)
Koreograf: Andriana Seecker (DE)
Kompositör & Ljuddesign: Andreas Catjar (SE)
Scenograf: Sille Dons Heltoft-Christensen (DK)
Belysningsdesign: Sonja Lea (DK)
Konstnärlig konsult: Anders Carlsson (SE)



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